Where to stay

You'll need reservations for a place to stay in Ahmednagar when you first arrive. The Meher Pilgrim Retreat and other accommodations are available at Meherabad.

Reservations for rooms should reach the Pilgrim Reservations Office six weeks in advance of your expected arrival. You can also contact the reservation office for information about hiring cars from Ahmednagar to meet your flight.

You may also need reservations in Mumbai or Pune en route. Consult any of the Indian tourism links on the Useful Links page about the various accommodations available. Hotels and guest houses have no fixed requirements and may not send a written confirmation. Even though a travel agent may have made hotel reservations for you, it's also a wise idea to write and confirm them independently.

While Indian Baba followers will be glad to help you in emergencies, please don't ask them to make reservations for you. Write, fax, or cable directly to the places where you want to stay.