When to go

The answer to this question is, of course, whenever you can - whenever you can take time off from work, when someone can look after the children, or whenever the heart calls. Still, you may find it helpful to know that the time from December through February is quite busy. People come from both East and West for Amartithi (the anniversary of the day Meher Baba left His physical form) on January 31, and Meher Baba's birthday on February 25. Silence Day on July 10 and summer vacation months also draw many visitors.

The Pilgrim Reservation Office requests that all foreigners make their pilgrimages at times other than the hot Indian summer months (mid-March to mid-June). Please note that during the summer months, accommodations at Meherabad are closed and Meherazad is not open. Since these dates vary from year to year, consult the Avatar Meher Baba Trust site.

Children seven years of age or older are welcome, too. But please plan your trip so that children under seven can be cared for at home. Experience has shown that very young children just aren't equipped to deal with the stresses of a long trip and run greater health risks in India. Because of their special needs, young children can sometimes be distracting to their parents and others. Meher Baba told His followers not to bring children under the age of seven to the 1969 Darshan. As this was His last instruction on the matter, the mandali feel this policy should be continued.