Indian telephone

Telephone Calls

telephone icon U.S. telephone prefixes

Mumbai   011-91-22
Pune       011-91-212
Nagar     011-91-241

The structure of Indian telephone numbers is 011 (U.S. International Operator), 91 (country code for India), city prefix (such as 241 for Ahmednagar). For those dialing from other countries, substitute for 011 the appropriate prefix for international calls.

To dial an area code within India, you must use three digits. For calls within India to Mumbai (area code 22), you use a leading zero and dial 022, but when calling from outside India, you dial 22 and do not use it. For example, to reach the a hotel in Mumbai from Pune or Ahmednagar, you dial 022-204-nnnn, but to reach it from the U.S., you dial (including the country code) 011-91-22-204-nnnn.

Telephone directory

Pilgrim Reservations office

Office: 011+91-241-254-8733.
Jal Dastoor: 011+91-241-254-8777.

Meher Pilgrim Retreat

Office: 011+91-241-254-8211

Meher Nazar Compound

Caretaker's Office: 011+91-241-254-8766