Taxi Tips

Negotiating with taxi drivers

When traveling long distance by taxi, establish a strong negotiating position with the driver. Make sure you fix the price, or the basis for the price (meter plus tariff card surcharge), before you start. For a fixed price, offer the taxi driver half of what you'd really consider paying. In return, he'll ask for twice as much as he'll probably take. Rally back and forth until you reach a mutually agreeable price. Do not put anything in the taxi or get into it until this has been established.

At the end of the ride, the driver may try to demand more than you agreed upon. This situation requires a cool, but firm, response. First, without committing yourself, unload all of your luggage from the taxi. Next, approach the driver and stick firmly to the price you agreed upon. Pay the driver this amount and close off the conversation as quickly as possible. If he refuses to accept, just leave the money and walk away. Don't be deterred by threats to call the police or attempts to embarrass you in front of others. If the driver demands more than the meter plus tariff card surcharge, he is at risk legally, not you. If necessary, threaten to report him to the police.