Pune - Local Transportation

Indian Airlines bus

Indian Airlines runs a bus between the Pune Airport and its business office. Check with Indian Airlines for the exact location and schedules. Travel time is fifteen minutes.


These small three-wheeled black and yellow motorized vehicles are the best means of travel around Pune. Rickshaws hold two or three people and are less expensive than taxis. Rickshaws have meters and use tariff cards depending upon the age of the vehicle. If you ask the driver to wait at any time during your trip, don't pay additional waiting charges. The meter automatically continues running and the charge is figured into the final rate.

There are two rickshaw rates, the day rate and the night rate. The night rate applies from midnight until 6:00 a.m. and is 50% more than the day rate. When in use, tariff cards which the rickshawallas show passengers generally have the day rates on one side and the night rates on the other. When checking the tariff card be certain that you are looking at the correct side for the time of day. Some rickshawallas have been known to cut off the top of the card with references to the day and night rates, hence trying to charge the night rate during the day.


Taxis in Pune are difficult to get, and the fare into the city is more than the bus or rickshaw. Pune taxis generally refuse to use the meter reading, so negotiate a specific price directly with the driver.