Pune to Ahmednagar

Hired Taxi

The easiest way to get to Ahmednagar is by hired taxi, definitely recommended for women traveling alone. Regular taxis have room for four or five passengers. They are an economical way to travel if several people are traveling together.

Please note: Although rickshaws are less expensive than taxis within Pune, they are definitely not an appropriate mode of travel to Ahmednagar.

In addition to the taxis listed below, you can also hire a taxi at your hotel, or you can hire any one that is willing to take you. Rates will generally be the same as hiring a taxi from the airport.

Hired taxi at the Pune Airport

You can hire a taxi at the Pune airport to take you directly to Ahmednagar. The trip will be a little shorter than travel from inside Pune itself. Inquire at any of the taxis parked outside. The rates are approximately Rs. 400-500.

Pune-Ahmednagar Taxi

Regular taxi service is available from Pune to Ahmednagar, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Travel time is approximately three hours. Taxis leave from a stand located near the Shivaji Nagar bus station on Ganeskind Road, near Fergusson College Road, about 20 minutes from downtown. For a minimal additional charge, the taxi will take you directly to the Trust Office in the Meher Nazar Compound. Otherwise, its destination is the taxi stand near the Ahmednagar S.T. bus station.


The Indian Railway is a safe and generally the most comfortable way to travel to Ahmednagar although the schedule of train timings are not as frequent as the bus and taxi. Travel time is three hours.

Second class air-conditioned is the most expensive and most comfortable. The ticket is also good for seats in First class non-airconditioned. Buy your ticket the day of departure at the "Current Counter."

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