Ahmednagar to Pune

Hired vehicle

For greater convenience, you can hire a regular taxi or other vehicle to take you to Pune or Mumbai. Consult the Registration Office for assistance.

Ahmednagar-Pune taxi

Regular taxi service is available from Ahmednagar to Pune, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. The taxi stand is located near the S.T. bus station. Four or five seats are sold per taxi on a space-available basis. You can request a particular seat or rent the entire taxi for the cost of five seats. You may sometimes have to wait a while for a taxi to show up. The entire taxi may also be rented in advance and you can have it pick you up at Meherabad as well. Consult the Registration Office for assistance.


The train is a comfortable way to travel to Pune. There are two trains to Pune—the Jhelam Express and the Goa Express.

Consult the Reservation office for assistance. Since both morning trains are often late, phone ahead before leaving for the Railway Station. Once there, buy a ticket for whichever train is coming first. Reservations are not available, nor necessary. Avoid taking the trains if you must reach Pune to make the 3:15 p.m. railway connection to Mumbai. The Goa Express is the most reliable in terms of departing Ahmednagar on schedule. Even if it is late, it generally makes up the time.

Both trains have 2nd class air conditioned carriages, which are the most comfortable. The air-conditioned carriages have sealed windows. For a small charge they will supply blankets, sheets and a pillow.

S. T. bus

S.T. buses leave for Pune and points beyond approximately every thirty minutes from the bus station on Station Road. Reservations are recommended, especially for the Super Express in the afternoon. Travel time is three hours (two and a half hours for the Super Express). The buses originating in Ahmednagar are your best choice for reservations. Although buses will take you as far as the Shivaji Nagar bus station in West Pune, don't forget to get off at the Pune railway station, which comes first.

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