Ahmednagar to Mumbai

Hired car

Consult the Reservations Office about hiring a car to take you directly to Mumbai.


Two trains leave Ahmednagar daily for Mumbai. Trains arrive in Dadar and at the V. T. station in the Fort area. Travel time is eleven to twelve hours. Sleeping berths are available.

Reservations are necessary for the 1321 Up, as there are minimum second-class seats available. Since the 1321 Up is often late, be sure to take the 1322 if you must be in Mumbai in the morning. However, it may be as late as 2:00 pm if it misses its connections.

M.T.D.C. Luxury Bus

The M.T.D.C. Luxury Bus from Aurangabad passes through Ahmednagar on its return trip to Mumbai. Since reservations are not currently available in Ahmednagar and seats are rarely available, this bus is at present not recommended for return travel to Mumbai.

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