The Table House

Dhuni fire

Mohammed Mast's grave

Green growth at Meherabad

Ahmednagar - Lower Meherabad

Many of the places in upper and lower Meherabad are open daily or may be visited by contacting the Meherabad staff. Additional information is available from the Pilgrim Reservations Office and from markers at many of these locations.

Baba's Jhopdi

A small stone cabin built for Meher Baba in the 1920s. This is the place where He retired the night of July 9, 1925, and began His Silence.

Table House

A small wooden structure where Meher Baba slept and wrote portions of His "Book" in 1925-6. Originally it stood near the dhuni.


A stone platform near the main road that contains a pit for a fire that was first lit on November 10, 1925, when some local villagers approached Meher Baba about a severe drought that threatened their crops.Baba told them to return home and ordered His mandali to build a dhuni. Within minutes of its lighting, rain began to fall. In later years, Meher Baba invited His followers to throw attachments, symbolized by sandalwood sticks, into the fire. By Meher Baba's order, the dhuni continues to be lit on the 12th of each month at sunset.

Old building

This is one of the earliest buildings at Meherabad. Built in 1925, it was used as a meeting hall and hostel for visitors. Today it is used for visitors' accommodations.

Mandali Hall

A newer building constructed in 1948 and used as a meeting hall and quarters for staff or visitors.

Rahuri Cabin

Baba's cabin at the Rahuri mast ashram of 1936-8, which was moved to Meherabad when the ashram closed.


Buried here are the physical remains or personal effects of Meher Baba's male disciples and several masts. These include Ali Shah, Adi K. Irani, Dr. Nilu, Vishnu, Gustadji, Pleader, Baidul, Dr. Donkin, Sarosh, Nariman, Kaikobad, Chhagan Master, Harry Kenmore, Padri, Feramji Workingboxwalla, Pendu, Adi Jr., and Meherjee Karkaria.

Tomb of Gilori Shah

In 1922, this Muslim saint asked to be buried on this spot saying, "Very soon after I pass away, a great Master will come and establish his abode here."

Meher Health Centre

A free clinic serving local villagers, first opened in 1974.

Farmer's Educational Centre

An agricultural project aimed at improving dry-land farming.

Pilgrim hostels

Large brick structures providing shelter to those who visit Meherabad during Amartithi.

Meher Hospital

This hospital makes facilities available for various traveling medical clinics.