Rangoli welcome at MPC

Ahmednagar - Arrival and Registration

When you arrive in Ahmednagar, you must first register at the Pilgrim Registration Office in Meherabad at the old Meher Pilgrim Center. The Registration Office assists Baba followers with police registration in Ahmednagar. Be sure to bring three passport-sized photographs with you. The office also reconfirms reservations for the Meher Pilgrim Retreat (MPR).

Consult the office staff if you have questions or need assistance with airline tickets, visas, or transportation. Lockers are available for storing valuables such as passports, tickets, and travelers' checks. Luggage may be also stored for short periods (not overnight) in a wooden trunk just outside the office. (All items are left at the owner's risk and are not the responsibility of any of the staff.) Outgoing letters with correct postage may be mailed from the office.

Office hours for registration are 10:00 am to 6:00 pm daily for those with reservations. Otherwise, you will find the office closed Saturday and Sunday.

Early or Late Arrival

If you arrive in Meherabad when the Pilgrim Registration Office is closed, you'll have to wait to register until the office is open. If you have made prior arrangements to stay at some place other than the MPR, and you are expected at that hour, just go directly there. Otherwise, at night or in the early morning, go to the Sanket Hotel by rickshaw and take a room or wait until the Registration Office opens.