Mumbai - Local Transportation


As you come out of the international airport terminal, you will see a taxi stand on the right and a number of buses on the left. The buses are a very inexpensive way to travel from the International Airport to the Domestic Airport or to the Fort (central business) area of Mumbai. For your own protection, pay no attention to anyone who volunteers to carry your luggage or to help you find a taxi or hotel. Seek help only from police.

Taxi drivers charge a fixed rate based on the taxi meter reading, plus a surcharge for increased petrol cost. (Each driver carries a taxi tariff card showing the surcharge amounts.) The fare covers everyone in the taxi, up to four passengers. Tipping is not necessary.

At the International Airport, taxi lines are long and force drivers to wait a long time before getting passengers. In practice, taxi drivers at the airport have ignored the tariff card and tried to make up for their long wait by charging two or three times the correct amount. Be alert.

Because of this, the government has instituted a number of different plans to assist travelers to obtain taxis at the airport for fixed rates. You pay for taxis in advance at a booth just outside the airport exit. Check with any policeman as you leave the airport. Fixed rates are posted, and you pay any luggage charges at this time. You then take your receipt to a policeman who calls a taxi and confirms your destination.

If this system is not available, the best method to get out of the airport is first to catch a bus to one of the hotels, and then to take a taxi from there to your destination. You can also ask the hotel to suggest a reliable taxi driver.

Taxi tips

Hotel buses

Hotels in the area usually provide free buses from the International Airport to the hotels. A second bus at the hotel takes passengers to the Domestic Airport.

Airport coach service

Check at the airports for buses from one airport to the other and to the Air India building in the Fort area downtown.