Mumbai to Pune

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See also the Meet & Assist Service. It may be possible to contract with drivers from Ahmednagar to stop overnight if you want to include Pune in your inbound travel itinerary.

Domestic airlines

Indian domestic airlines
Indian Airlines
Jet Airways

Flights are crowded. You should make advance reservations and purchase your ticket before leaving the West. Allow at least four hours between the scheduled arrival of your international flight and a domestic flight to Pune. International flights are often late, and it takes time to go through customs and get from one airport to the other.

Travel agents in the West may not be aware that reservation requests made to domestic airlines for the Mumbai-Pune flight may not be processed properly. Telephone the office of the international airline on which you are traveling and re-confirm the flights yourself.

Upon landing in India, reconfirm your reservations and double-check your departure time as soon as possible with the airlines. To inquire about available seats or reconfirm a ticket, consult the 24-hour reservations counter. It is never too early to get into line. Check in at least 90 minutes before your flight.


The most scenic and safest way to travel from Mumbai to Pune is a first-class seat on the Indian railway. Travel time is four to six hours.

Trains originate from Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (the old Victoria Terminus) in the Fort area. Tell the taxi driver to take you to "mainline" at the train station. These are the trains leaving Mumbai, as compared to the local lines. Trains also pass through Dadar, but they are usually full by the time they get there. All trains leaving Mumbai have the word Down after the train number; those traveling in the opposite direction toward Mumbai have the word Up.

The trains are crowded. If you cannot purchase a reservation in first class, you might consider traveling second class. Passengers will move closer together on the second class benches to give you a seat.

However, even if you don't have a reservation ahead of time, make sure to buy both a ticket and a seat reservation at the station. The ticket gets you on the train. The seat reservation gives you a specific seat. Otherwise you may have to stand for the entire journey.

Mumbai-Pune taxi

Be aware that taxis travel to Pune on steep, winding roads through the mountains—probably the least safe and comfortable alternative available.

Taxis leave from a stand in the Dadar area at the post office, located near the Pritam Hotel. Reservations are not necessary. The ticket seller sells four individual seats per taxi on a space-available basis. You can request a particular seat. (The front seat is most comfortable.) Usually you need wait only 15-30 minutes for a taxi to acquire four passengers and leave.

The taxi arrives in Pune in front of the railway station. As it enters Pune, it passes within one block of the Shivaji Nagar bus station. If you are planning to take a bus from Pune to Ahmednagar immediately, you'll need to leave from this station. The taxi driver will drop you off there if you offer him a little extra for this service.


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