Inoculations for India

Special inoculations are no longer required for travel between India and most Western countries (North America, Europe, Australia). India doesn't require inoculations for those arriving from the West, but it does require a valid yellow fever vaccination for those arriving from, or stopping en route to, most part of Africa, Central and South America.

Consult the U.S. Centers for Disease Control links below about conditions where you will be traveling and your own physician about the need for tetanus, cholera, typhoid, ordinary flu or the H1N1 virus inoculations and anti-malarial drugs. Many cities offer travel clinics that specialize in these services for foreign travelers.

Most initial inoculations require several doses spaced a certain number of weeks apart. See your doctor at least six weeks before your scheduled departure date. Make sure all inoculations are recorded in an official booklet called "International Certificates of Vaccination" (usually available wherever you get the shots).

U.S. Centers for Disease Control: Health Information for Travelers to India

U.S. Centers for Disease Control: Travel Clinics