Meher Baba's tomb doorway with garland

Meherabad sign

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India may seem like a long way away...

Especially if you've never been there before. It's not really. In this age of jet travel, it's less than a day's journey, with a bit more to get you from Mumbai to Ahmednagar.

This guidebook is designed to help you plan for a trip to India, describing the steps you'll follow at each point along the way. You'll also find helpful tips about airlines, health, safety, and taking children to India, provided by others who've already made the trip.

Before you go

Even if you've traveled before, you're probably wondering about when to go, how to go, and where to stay. This section answers these questions and covers what you need to know before you leave home.

Mumbai (Bombay)

Once you arrive in India, this section covers Mumbai airport and hotel information and transportation methods inbound to Ahmednagar.

Pune (Poona)

Should you stop over in Pune, you'll find information about Pune hotels, transportation, shopping, and Pune places connected with Meher Baba.

Ahmednagar (Nagar)

Everything you need to know about your destination—arrival and registration, accommodations, and descriptions of Meher Nazar Compound, Upper and Lower Meherabad, Meherazad, and Meher Pilgrim Retreat, plus other useful information about Ahmednagar hotels and local transportation. When it comes time to leave India, additional steps guide you all the way home.