Meherabad Hill approach road

Shoes at Meher Baba's tomb

Foreward by Bhau Kalchuri

No river can flow endlessly. Every river is destined to merge in the ocean. Likewise, each of our lives in illusion is like a river flowing towards the Ocean of Eternal Life - directly or indirectly - to meet and merge in the Ocean of Reality for all time.

The Life of the Avatar on earth is the life of the Ocean on earth. He is the One who attracts all rivers towards Him so each river can meet Him, receive His love, and ultimately merge in Him. When He is physically present on earth, the Avatar does His Universal Work of drawing the rivers towards His Ocean.

After He leaves His physical body, the results of His work begin to manifest as people everywhere awaken to His Love within their hearts. The place where His body rests and the places closely associated with His life are of special significance to those who seek Him; for in those places the Avatar has stored the Treasure of His Divine Love to be received by His lovers for centuries to come.

Avatar Meher Baba-the Avatar of this Age-lived for many years at Meherabad. He passed away on the 31st of January 1969, and His Tomb is located in Meherabad on Meherabad Hill. Both of these places are in the District of Ahmednagar, Maharashtra State, India. In 1954 Avatar Meher Baba led a group of His disciples up Meherabad Hill. He told them how blessed they were that in His physical form He was taking them to the place where His body would rest when He passed away. He added that seventy years hence, His Tomb would become the place of world pilgrimage.

Already rivers in the form of pilgrims have started converging at Meherabad and Meherazad from all over the world. In order to facilitate the course of their pilgrimage, this book Welcome Home: A Guide for Traveling to Meherabad and Meherazad, India, is being offered to all who are drawn to visit Avatar Meher Baba's Home.

Bhau Kalchuri
Ahmednagar, India
August, 1982