Taj Mahal

Delhi and Agra

Delhi was one of the capitals of the 16th and 17th century Moghul empire. Many interesting buildings still remain from these early periods of India's history.

If you want to see some of the famous tourist attractions of India on your way to Ahmednagar, consider flying directly to New Delhi and spending a few days visiting the sights in the Delhi-Agra area. New Delhi is more cosmopolitan than Mumbai, and costs are more reasonable. For further travel and price information, consult one of the Government of India Tourist Offices.

Be sure to book reservations through an experienced travel agency, as many of these spots are quite crowded during the tourist season.

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Local transporation

The best way to see the Delhi-Agra area is on an air-conditioned bus with an English-speaking guide. Luxury tours can be arranged through many Delhi hotels. Agra can also be reached from Delhi by express train, hired car, or daily flights on Indian Airlines. Bus tours may also be booked at the Agra railway station and tourist agencies.

Places Meher Baba visited

Meher Baba visited the Taj Mahal in 1933 with His Western women disciples and the entire area again in 1939 on the Blue Bus Tours.

Transportation to Ahmednagar

From Delhi you can fly via Indian Airlines to Aurangabad, a small city about 109 kilometres (68 miles) from Ahmednagar. Aurangabad is near both the Ellora and Ajanta caves (famous for Indian sacred art), Khuldabad (the "Valley of the Saints"), and the spectacular Daulatabad Fort. Western-style accommodations and bus tours are available. Meher Baba also visited this area many times.

From Aurangabad you can reach Ahmednagar by S.T. bus or hired taxi (approximately Rs. 500) in about two hours. There is an air-conditioned, second-class train, the Jhelum Express (4678 Up) which travels from Delhi to Poona, with a stop in Ahmednagar.

Taj Mahal photo credit: Gov. of India, Ministry for External Affairs