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Children in India

En route

If you plan to bring a child (age seven or older) to India, here are a few suggestions to help make the trip more enjoyable.

In India

Decide how much to prepare your child for the new experiences he or she will encounter. Some children may be more affected by culture shock than others.

At the Meher Pilgrim Retreat

Male and female pilgrims are accommodated in opposite wings of the Meher Pilgrim Retreat. Every effort is made to keep family members together in the same room whenever possible. Usually when a child is accompanied only by a parent of the opposite sex, he or she is placed with the parent; an older child in that situation would stay on the appropriate side for his or her gender.

The staff makes a special effort to have a clean environment, pure drinking water, a hygienic kitchen, and non-spicy food. Parents have these extra responsibilities.

Here are some other suggestions.

The Pilgrim Retreat has a few rules for conduct in the building, and hours set aside as quiet time. As a courtesy to others, please make sure everyone in your family understands and follows these rules.

At Meherazad

Children are welcome to ask questions or sit quietly during group discussions at Meherazad or elsewhere, but if they become restless, find some games or activities to keep them occupied outside.