Software Usability

Indian sweeper, Meherabad, India

Designing from the user's point of view

   *  Customer requirements and surveys  

   *  Audience, task, and use-case analyses 

   *  Usability reviews and evaluations 

   *  Interface design and prototyping

Here are some past assignments: 

   *, 2000. Designed a four-layer web site for a financials 
     application product.

   *  Marcam Solutions, Inc., 1998-1999. Designed a transactional user 
    interface for Protean Financials v 3.1.

   *  SHL Systemhouse for Delta Airlines, 1994., Designed a prototyped a 
    50-screen user interface for customer service representatives.

   *  IBM Corporation, 1991-1993. As human factors engineer, designed and tested products ranging from manufacturing applications to online display tools.