Anne Giles

582 Clifton Road, Atlanta, Georgia 30307-1787, H: 404-378-7282, M: 404-964-6989




   *  HTML, Web pages

   *  Online help and hypertext

   *  Document and instructional design

   *  Project and contract management 

   *  Readability and plain English

Infor Global Solutions (formerly MAPICS), Alpharetta, Georgia.

         Created help text for Infor ERP XA Finance and Customer Service applications

         Created web pages for a web portal application 

         Researched and documented productís multiple help text delivery systems

          Created online help and assisted writers with help tool problems

          Documented an AS/400 help tool for end-users and those tailoring the interface

Georgia Tech Research Institute, Atlanta, Georgia.

          Wrote newsletter articles on environmental topics

Marcam Solutions, Inc., Atlanta, Georgia.

          Produced product and user interface design for Protean Financials applications

          Created online help and concepts guides

          Training and supervision of contract writers

        Performed usability testing at a client site, Atlanta, Georgia.

          Created web site design for a startup business

          Wrote online help text and concept guide for an NEC financial application

IBM Corporation, Atlanta, Georgia.

Information Development:

          Produced user's guides, reference manuals, training packages, and online help text

          Created computer-based training (CBT) modules, coordinating work of vendor contractors

          Wrote audience and task definitions, usability and documentation requirements

          Created an information plan to cut documentation costs by 50% 

          Wrote contracts, scopes of work, and supervised contract writers, managing costs, schedule, and resource

          Edited menus, panels, prompts, and commands for readability and ease of use

          Participated in the first software usability test conducted in IBM in January 1981, helping to design testing methods and procedures later used across IBM.

Usability/Human factors:

     Performed software usability test design and execution

     Gathered customer requirements using IBM TeamFocusR process

SHL Systemhouse Inc., for Delta Air Lines, Atlanta, Georgia.

     Produced user requirements, use cases, user interface design, and prototype of frequent flyer system

     Wrote technical documentation and specifications

SYNESIS Corporation, Roswell, Georgia.

          Created CBTs on the fundamentals of the Internet

          Created training materials for service technicians

Science Research Associates, Inc., Chicago, Illinois.

     Wrote modules for the SRA Reading Labs

     Coordinated external submissions and freelance writers


          Certificate in Multimedia, Georgia Institute of Technology

          M.S. Technical Communication, Southern Polytechnic State University

          B.A., American Studies, Smith College

          Middle school language arts teacher

          Member, Society for Technical Communication (STC)


      Readability of Online Text: Do the Old Rules Still Apply? (IBM TR 52.0026)

      Surveys of MAPICS Documentation: Market-Driven Quality as seen by Customers

        and IBM Providers (IBM TR 52.0041)

      Usability Benchmarking of Competitive Software:  A Report from the Trenches (IBM TR 29.1686)

      Several children's books and a travel guidebook, now online


         Dreamweaver, FrontPage 

         Microsoft Office, FrameMaker, RoboHelp, Adobe Acrobat Professional

         PageMaker, PhotoShop, Kid Pix


References available on request.