"Chomp, Chomp" 

This time, I found myself stretched out in the rich, moist earth with my mouth turned upward. I had turned again, this time sideways. 

Worm crawling below flowering bush

I felt very small, but I could do something new. I could wriggle. I was a tiny worm poking around the roots of the plants I used to be.

The soil tasted the same, but now I could move through it. I dug lots of tunnels in the rich moist earth. My only difficulty was remembering to head for the surface when rain flooded my world.

In time, I grew legs and feelers. I could creep and crawl across the ground, climb plants, and eat their juicy leaves. I also felt myself attracted to my companions. We rubbed against each other and laid eggs that in time grew into creatures like ourselves.

I led a happy life, eating my way across the landscape. I had just finished doing this one stormy day when I felt something grab and swallow me.

Colorful butterfly     Butterfly near frog's mouth

This event changed how I viewed the world. I had to struggle for survival. It was either run away, or kill my enemies.

I began to take other bodies with hard armor and wings. When I moved the wings very fast, I could fly! I loved the freedom to go wherever I liked, and I hunted for food among the flower blossoms that I used to be.

Bumblebee hovering over flower

I also discovered that when I moved my legs, I could make noises! Now I could warn other creatures to stay back. I could signal and attract a mate.

In time, I grew tired of eating plants and developed a taste for juicy insects. I hunted for them, lay in wait for them, all the time having to make sure that they didnít eat me.

Spider looking at insect caught in its web

As a spider with eight legs, I spun webs to trap food. Using the special silk in my body, I created new designs every day. Then I sat back to see who would drop by. Sure enough, bugs would become stuck in my sticky strands. All I had to do was wrap them up in silk till I was ready to suck their juices dry.

Being a spider could be lonely, so I also learned how to live and work in groups. At one point, I lived as an ant in a vast nest under the ground. My companion ants and I would climb up to the surface to gather food and bring it back for all. We even adopted and cared for smaller insects that made some of the food we liked to eat.

   Ants leaving their nest  

Another time I lived as a bee in a nest high in a tree. While the queen laid eggs and some of my companions tended the nest, I flew out with others to gather food. When I returned, I learned how to wiggle my body to tell everyone else where the best food was. 

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