As things cooled further, my band of brother bubbles and I were hurled around one of those galaxies. We clumped together to form the solid parts of a new planet, the third planet from our sun.

Volcano lava cooling to rock

I emerged as red-hot liquid from one of the volcanoes still bubbling on the planetís surface. As I cooled, I found myself in a hard body, a rock body. I was folded up like a rag doll, within a great mass of cooled lava. 

I barely was aware of anything. I couldnít feel. I couldnít move. In this dream, I didnít feel powerful any more, but I certainly felt more solid. Above me, clouds grew, rains fell, and oceans formed. Bits of my body started to dissolve in the water.

Meteor rocks flew through the sky, demolishing my fellow rock bubbles. One eventually crashed into me. 

Burning meteor headed toward earth

My body was broken into fragments that littered the ground. Yet I was still there. How could that be? If I wasnít that lava any more, what was I? Was I another kind of rock?

Faint soul out of its rock body

I was dreaming, of course. But some urge kept pushing me to dream being other rocks and metals. Some of them lay deep below the surface, where no meteors could reach them. Others formed due to the pressure of layers above them.

When I learned all there was to know about being rocks and metals, the dream changed...

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