"Croak, Croak"

More and more I gravitated toward wet swamps and ponds. Once I found myself in a tadpole body that grew hands and feet to become a frog. 

Two frogs on lily pads

Scaly skin kept my body from drying out, and strong bones and muscles helped me to hop long distances and swim underwater. Best of all, I now had a big mouth and sticky tongue to catch lots of the bugs I used to be.

"Croak, croak," my companion frogs would say when it began to get dark. The male frogs particularly tried to impress me when I was about to lay eggs. They all scrambled over to see who could mate with me first.

Another time, I was a pond turtle who didnít like fighting and hid inside my shell whenever danger threatened. I also was an alligator with a huge mouth who liked to gobble up little frogs who jumped too close.

In one of the strangest dreams, I was a snake with a long tail. I didnít have arms and legs, but my strong muscles helped me to slither along the ground. My scaly skin sensed my surroundings, and I protected myself with sharp fangs and poison.

These dreams provided many experiences of eating and being eaten. But I grew tired of creeping, crawling, slithering, and hopping my way awkwardly awkwardly through the world. I longed to move more elegantly...

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