I found myself floating on the surface of the waters. The waves carried me up and down, back and forth. Basking in the light of the sun, I could absorb food and grow bigger. I was a tiny green cell, a living plant.  

Slimy growth   Slimy growth, greener    Slimy growth, still greener   

“Green! Alive!"

Green in the sun!" 

Green growing more!”   …is what I would have said, had I had a mouth to speak.

Soon I joined up with companion plant cells to form a broad green blanket of slime that covered the edges of the land. Near us, a layer of rich brown earth formed from the pieces of rocks that we used to be.  

In the next part of my dream, I found myself upside down with my head in the soil. This was an interesting turn of events, the first of many.  

Reedy grass viewed upside down

My root mouth drank in water and minerals. My legs grew toward the sun. They became leaves of grass that bent when the wind blew.  

  English ivy    Red tulip with pistels and stamen

I took many forms, carpeting the planet with rich green leaves.   I also found new ways to reproduce myself by growing beautiful flowers with male and female parts. 

As the layers of soil grew deeper, I was able to anchor my roots and grow taller. My legs and arms formed the branches and leaves of a tree. I formed new leaves in springtime and discarded them in the fall. Eventually I grew very tall. I was strong and mighty. I towered over everything!

Tall tree with wide branches   Tree stump burning

One day, a thunderstorm arose with powerful winds and rain. But just when I was standing tall and resisting the wind, my branches attracted a lightening bolt. “KABOM!” I was split down the middle. Fire ignited my branches, and burned me down to the ground. 

I was still there, but my tree body lay in charred ashes around me. If I wasn’t a plant anymore, what was I?

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