I traveled into the body of a woman to be born. I was tiny again, wrapped in the warm embrace of my mother. 

Mother and child

Something felt different. I could wiggle my five fingers and five toes. I could walk upright. I could reason and learn. 

But most important, I had thoughts and feelings. I had an identity. I was a me.

I didn't realize it, of course, but I carried all my experiences with me from the past. I still wanted to be safe. I still wanted food , shelter, and a mate. 

But most of all, I wanted to be more important, more powerful, more beautiful--anything that improved that sense of myself.

I know now that all of those bodies Ė rocks, plants, fishes, birds, and animals were just the prelude to my story. Of course, I was still dreaming, but the dream now became a fully conscious drama, in which my bubble companions and I played important roles.

We could act out as many stories as we wanted, but there were some important rules that we didnít learn for a long time. Whatever harm we caused to others, eventually we had to experience ourselves. Whatever help we gave to others returned to us in full measure.

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