I next met up with my companions in the modern era. We lived as farmers in rural England. My name was ARTHUR and my parents were BETTY and GERALD

 I always knew something was different about me. As a boy, I used to go off in reveries to an inner place of light. It unnerved my father. “Artie,” he’d say, “Can’t you just concentrate on helping me plow the fields?” 

But I could not. Everywhere I looked, I saw God's Holy Thought, the source from which all things flowed. God’s beautiful light and love drew me all of the time. 

Man on East Challocombe hills looking down at car in the road

However, one day in the spring, my glance was drawn to an automobile heading down the lane by our house. Several English and foreigner people were riding in it. As they went by, I was compelled to walk the hills in their direction.

They stopped at a small white farmhouse in the distance. As the passengers got out of the car, I saw One who was so beautiful that He shone like the sun. bHe stood there for a moment, his eyes glancing in my direction. 

Meher Baba's eyes, rendered in watercolor effect

Tears came to my eyes. "Beloved!" I cried. I knew then that I had waited my entire life – nay, all of my lives – for this moment. 

His smile embraced me and I found my drop self melting away into infinite ocean of His being. This world, this dream vanished, and I awoke to know that I always had been, and always would be, God, the author of Creation. 

My dream had been just an illusion, a film projected out of my divine being. But if I hadn't had the dream, I wouldn't have woken up to find out Who I really am.

Father found me that evening still sitting on the hill. Gently he led me back to our house and lay me in my bed. Mother covered me with warm blankets and brought me warm broth that I drank without any awareness.

My Divine Love flowed into them, and from them, back to me. I knew I had loved them from the beginning of time, when we were just awakening from our sound sleep, exploding into the cosmos, carpeting the earth as plants, creeping along in worm bodies, exploring the earth, water, and sky as fish and birds, struggling to survive as animals, and dramatizing our wonderful stories as humans.

I loved them deeply because they were myself. My bubble had dissolved into that ocean, as theirs would soon.

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