How God Woke Up

A Skit to Welcome Don Stevens for his workshop on The Three Bridges


Setting: Various worlds in and out of Creation.

[Ocean lies on floor dead asleep, front-side up, eyes closed. Wears "Band of Bubbles" T-Shirt.]

Narrator: “Long ago, even before the beginning of Time, there was a vast ocean.”

Ocean: extends arms and feet (as though very large).

Narrator: This ocean was sound asleep.”

Ocean: Snore sounds.

Narrator: “He was so asleep that he didn’t even know that he existed.”

Ocean:  Stirs slightly. Stops. Starts to raise another finger. Stops. “Duh. …who am I?”


Lady Maya: Enter with veils swirling. “Now, dear, you’re sound asleep. How can you possibly know who you are? Here, let me show you.”

Ocean gets up. Lady Maya enwraps him in her veils and leads him over a few paces.

Lady Maya: “We have to pass through a few worlds before we get there. The first is the brilliant Mental World. Here, put on these sunglasses. This light is too bright for you right now.”

Ocean: “Huh? Why? I don’t even have eyes yet.”

Lady Maya: “Never mind. Just keep them on.” Leads him on a few more paces.

Bubbles: Pulsing, humming sounds.

Lady Maya: “Hold on tight. We’re passing through the Subtle World energy generator.“

Bubbles: Humming gets louder. Ocean starts to be pulled from Lady Maya’s embrace.

Lady Maya: Scolding: “What did I tell you? Here, hold my hand. This energy is too strong for you right now.”

Ocean: Discovers her tummy and pats it. “Hey, are you pregnant?” [Husband and wife, who was pregnant]

Lady Maya: “Of course, dear. I’m about to give birth to something big.”

Ocean: “Really? What?”

Lady Maya: “You!” Pushes him across stage.

Bubbles: Ocean is joined by rest of cast, also  wearing T-shirts that say Band of Bubbles.

Bubbles swirl around Ocean. Blow soap bubbles. Make loud explosion sounds, including “Bang!” and “Big Bang.”

Ocean: “Gosh. I feel different somehow. Who did you say I am?”

Bubbles: “Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble…” They rush back and forth across stage, blowing bubble guns. They briefly grasp hands but are pulled away by each other.

Lady Maya: “You’re in the cosmic soup now!”

Bubble 1: Displays Campbell’s soup can.

Ocean is attracted to a Bubble 2. He keeps trying to grab her hand, but energy and heat pull her from him. Ocean has look of frustration. Action slows. He manages to reach her finally and when they touch, there is another explosion and more swirling, but they are still hold hands.

Bubble 1: Hands Ocean a sign that says Hydrogen. “Congratulations!” You’ve made it to Hydrogen.”

Ocean:What is this? A chemistry lesson?”

Lady Maya:Goodbye, dear. You have a lot of exciting adventures ahead of you.”

Ocean: Dismayed. “But wait! …Who am I?”

Lady Maya: “Oh, did I forget to tell you?” Thinks hard. “Well…There are these three bridges…” Tries to try to remember them. “Let’s see, there’s London Bridge…” Thinks some more. “Lloyd Bridges…Jeff Bridges...”


Bubble 3:Three hearts, one no trump?”

Bubble 2: Sings “Sur le pont d’Avignon, Notre Dame, Notre Dame…

Bubble 3: Let’s cross that bridge when we come to it.”

Bubble 2: Sings “Like a bridge over troubled waters….”

Lady Maya: (Still puzzled) “No, no, that’s not it...

Turns to Don Stevens. “Don, this is where you come in. Take it from here.” She presents a certificate declaring him an official companion of the Atlanta Band of Bubbles.