Evolution of Consciousness animation script

Draft as of 4/06/04

Audience: (1) Baba people (2) General public

Main ideas:

All of the scenes in this story actually take place within a single environment, which we discover later is Meher Center in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Like adding pieces to a puzzle, by the end we see that all kingdoms and levels of consciousness exist together and that God is enjoying the dream of being All Things simultaneously.

[Narration in normal font. Notes in italics. Visuals may allow some of the narration to be cut.]

The Beyond Beyond

Blackness and silence. Long, long ago...even before the beginning of Time… God slept.

Light snoring. He was so sound asleep that even He didn't know that He existed!

Fortunately God wasn’t going to stay asleep forever. All of a sudden, God had a sudden urge to wake up. From deep within, He asked Himself the question, “Who Am I?”

The Three Worlds

The blackness draws back to the left, like a gathering wave. Above the wave, a few bubbles of light appear. As the wave gathers and comes crashing down to the right, we see piles of surf bubbles. Surf crashing sounds perhaps with reverb effects.

Since Nothing had ever happened before, God’s question caused quite a stir... His sound sleep was shattered like an ocean wave breaking up into millions of bubbles.

The wave bubbles dissolves into pure light. (Perhaps faintly within the light we see angelic beings or angel wings.)

From deep within Him, a new dimension of pure mental light appeared.

Light dissolves into another dimension, a moiré pattern of continuous, pulsing, energy. We hear humming that rises and falls with the energy pulses

From that world came another dimension of pure subtle energy.

But instead of waking up, God began to dream. God’s dreams were projected out of Him like a film or a movie.

Alternative: Pan out to reveal that what we have just seen is a movie projector showing a film. The projector’s light projects out onto three parallel movie screens, the first (nearest) is the mental light, the second is the subtle energy, and the third displays the fiery gross world just after the Big Bang.


The gross world image now fills the screen. One by one, we see (six) clouds of gases, ranging from just a dotted outline to semi-visible clouds. Finally a seventh cloud of gas, hydrogen, is visible. An inset or zoom shows a single electron spinning round a nucleus. Immediately following this is a white hot explosion. The gases explode, spin, and explode again. As things cool, we see clouds of gases forming suns and galaxies.

God was starting to answer the question of “Who am I?”

In His first dream, God thought He was fiery hot gases. Suns and galaxies were spewing out of Him! He seemed to be very powerful, but it was just a dream.

We now focus on a sun in one of the galaxies and zoom in on a cloud of gases and dust. As we rotate around the sun, our cloud gradually becomes a hot molten mass.

As some of God’s gas bubbles cooled, they combined with others, turning into liquid and solid versions of the gases He used to be.

Things cool a bit more, and we see that we now see an orbiting planet of semi-molten stone and metal.

Stone and Metal

We move in closer. Volcanoes spout molten lava and rivers of it run down the planet’s surface into molten pools, which cool and harden, forming new stone shapes. Periodically a meteor shoots out of the sky and hit the surface.

God dreamed that He was a stone. This was a new experience. He seemed to be stuck in one spot.

Our point of view remains at the surface of one of these rocks. (It may be highlighted in some way so that we understand that this particular rock has an individual body. Somehow there is the suggestion of a body folded up like a rag doll.)

Across the sky, moisture forms clouds and rain falls. Rain falls on the rock, collects in pools, which spill over and eventually forms oceans. Electrical charges create violent thunderstorms and lightning. The massive storm dies down, and clouds part to reveal the light of the sun.

His body was hard and didn’t move. He didn’t know much of anything. Even violent storms and hot sun didn’t stir Him. God was stone for a long, long, time….

Suddenly a meteor comes out of the sky and hits the surface of the rock, splintering it into tiny pieces that fall into the water.

Eventually his stone body was broken. He continued dreaming, but what next? He had the impression being stone, but He didn’t have a body. How to experience His feeling of stoneness?

Our view goes down below the surface of the earth. We see molten lava and layers of stone, minerals, and metallic ore being formed under the pressure of the layers above them. The soul’s highlight appears in one of the layers, then another.

So God dreamt that He was another stone and another and then metals, until there were no more types of stones and metals to be. He gathered many experiences of being solid and motionless. As time went on, His hard bodies formed land and continents.


We now find ourselves looking down on the continents of a rotating earth. As the planet turns, we zoom in on one coastal area with a pond, surrounded by barren land. We are floating on the surface of water. The sun shines warmly, and for the first time, we see single-celled creatures swimming in the broth around us. We grow and divide, creating a green slimy film upon the water.

Time passed…a lot of time. God found Himself floating on the surface of the water. He was certainly more aware than He had been as a metal. He was…a tiny green cell, a living plant. 

The green film grows to cover rocks as moss and lichen. Rains come again, washing more bits of rocks and metals into the water, forming silt and mud at the water’s edge. The algae form a broad green blanket of slime that covers the edges of the land.

The waves carried him up and down, back and forth.  He could feel the sun overhead. He absorbed gases in the air around him and food from the dissolved stones and metals that He used to be. He could grow and create more living plants like Himself.

[The first turn—head in the ground, arms & feet in the air, direction from underground to earth surface]  The picture now turns upside down so that we see young green shoots upside-down, the soil layer at the top, then the water, and the sky at the bottom.

In His new plant body, God began to stand up using soil as a support. His head and mouth were roots, and His arms and legs were stems and leaves. 

The shoots become reeds by the side of a pond. Their roots are in the mud and their stalks grow toward the sky. Other shoots become ferns that uncurl stems and leaves (more able to receive sunlight). Still others become vines that grow laterally and cover more ground. [Reproduction by expansion]

God still couldn’t move around, but He could grow upward toward the sun. Each plant body gave God new experiences. His leaves grew in many different patterns. He took many forms, carpeting the planet with rich green leaves.  

At some point here the view shifts back to normal. Other algae develop into small aquatic plants floating on the water. Underneath them are roots that grow downward until they eventually touch the mud at the bottom of the pond. They grow lily pads that spread across the surface of the pond. The lilies sprout lotus buds, which gradually open. [Reproduction by pollen transfer]  

We see female pistils at the center and male stamens (anthers) with pollen rising above them. The wind blows the pollen toward its neighbor lilies. Eventually the flower petals brown and fall, leaving a developing lotus seed, whose seeds eventually fall into the water.  

In time, God’s plant bodies grew flowers with male and female parts. Pollen from the male parts made seeds grow in the female parts. The seeds fell to the ground and sprouted, creating entirely new plant bodies.

We pan to another green shoot poking through the earth. As its roots form and grow deeper, an oak tree starts to grow with a rough trunk, branches, and leaves. The branches and leaves blow in the breeze, as though the plant is moving its feet. 

God thoroughly explored every experience that a plant can have—from humble floating plants to bushes and trees. Eventually His arms and legs grew into tall branches that helped Him to reach more sunlight. He towered over everything! Now He felt strong and mighty, but all this time, caught up in the dream and still unaware that He was really God.

Shift to an upright view of the pond. A darkening thunderstorm nears. Its wind blows the trees and plants. Lightning strikes one of the trees and starts a fire. The tree burns, and its charred stump falling on the ground.    

One day a thunderstorm arose with powerful winds and rain. Just as He was resisting the wind, His tall branches attracted a lightning bolt. It shattered His trunk and ignited His branches. Soon His tree body lay broken on the forest floor. 


[The second turn—horizontal, mouth above ground, direction from earth surface to water] Now we lie beside a dead log below some charred leaves. We move slowly along (with the leaves passing above us). Down and to the side we see our wormlike body and legs. We start eating the rotten wood. 

In his fourth dream, God found himself stretched out in the rich, moist earth. He was very small, but He could do something new. He could wriggle. He was a tiny worm poking around the tree that He used to be. 

From one side another worm crawls into view. It taps us with its antennae. We tap back. The other worm crawls up on our back, mates, and crawls off again out of sight. 

For the first time God encountered mating and sex. His body was either male or a female, and He mated with the opposite sex to create new baby creatures like himself.

We crawl off to the underside of a leaf. Below us one egg appears, then another and another. Time passes. First one egg and then another hatches to reveals small light-colored worm larvae. 

Now we start to burrow into the ground by eating through the soil ahead of us. Pulling back still further we see a bit of the empty tunnel we have just created. 

As a worm, God dug lots of tunnels in the rich moist earth. His only difficulty was remembering to head for the surface when rain flooded his world. 

Raindrops and moisture darken the ground. Underneath the ground, the sides of the earthworm tunnel now grow wet and we emerge again in the leaf litter as water floods the tunnel behind us. We crawl along the surface until suddenly a chomping sound is heard. Cut to black.  

God suddenly found himself outside His worm body. He had just become someone's dinner! 

This event changed how He viewed the world. Being alive was dangerous. He had to struggle for survival. He had either to defend himself or escape from danger. 


[Voluntary movement using legs and wings.] We find ourselves on a stalk above the surface of a pond. We grow further and the hard skeleton around us starts to break apart (molting), and we use our legs to climb out of it. We starting eating a nearby leaf until notches appear along its edges. 

Above us, we see lacy, translucent wings. Our dragonfly body is long and stick-like. We spread our wings horizontally, two on each side and fly horizontally across the surface of the pond, landing on a lily pad.  

God needed new kinds of bodies to protect himself, so He took bodies legs and feelers to creep and crawl faster. Some of his bodies had hard armor and wings.  When He moved the wings very fast, He could fly away! 

On one of the lily pads is another dragonfly. We are the male, she is the female. We use the end of our stick tail to grasp her head. The female raises her tail to receive the sperm underneath us. We fly along the surface of the pond, making a heart shape with our head down at the tip and the female’s head at the top. 

Wings gave Him the freedom to go wherever He liked. He could land on plants and eat their juicy leaves. He led a happy life, eating his way across the landscape and mating with others like himself. 

Eventually we break apart and the female flies down to another lily pad. The sun is starting to set and we fly off straight into a sticky spider's web. We tug and tug but only get stuck further. We stop struggling. Fade to black.

God not only tried to escape from danger, He learned how to hunt for his own food.

[Solitary, predatory insect] Now we are in a small circular egg sac, attached to a low branch. As the sac breaks open, a mass of little tiny spiders emerges and fans out along the branch and twigs. We look down to our abdomen, surrounded by eight legs, and see a slender silken thread dropping from one of its openings. It catches the wind and catches on a neighboring branch. We crawl along it and anchor a second thread back to the second branch.

We move back and forth  until we have constructed a rough five-sided circle with radial spokes amongst the branches. When done, we move off to the edge of the web. The sun begins to set.  

As a spider with eight legs, God used the special silk in His body to spin a web for trapping food. Then He sat back to see who would drop by.

The thread nearest us starts jerking. Careful not to touch the sticky lines, we climb over to find a dragonfly caught in the web. It struggles and we first sting it and then wrap it up with more silken threads. After that, we insert our mouth into the insect’s body, Gradually the dragonfly’s body is emptied. Fade to black.  

Sure enough, when insects flew by, they became stuck in its sticky strands. All He had to do was wrap His meal up until He was ready to suck its delicious juices.

[Cooperative insect] We pan from the spider web up to a beehive high in the tree. Bees emerge. We are one of them flying six feet above the pond, aiming for the lily pads.

God also learned how to live and work in groups. Once He dreamed He was a bee. He gathered food from the flowers and plants that He used to be. 

A single lotus flower fills our view. Closer up, the lotus mage vibrates as we move across its stamens. We make a buzzing sound and then fly back to the hive and go inside.  

God found that He could now make noises of His own to communicate with others.

We approach the other bees and start buzzing. The image vibrates as we dance a message telling where the flowers are. Together we all head out again toward the lilies. Fade out.


[Vertebrate reptile] We are part of an gooey mass of frog eggs underwater. We break off and float underwater. Slowly we grow a tail and start swimming like a small fish. We are a tadpole in the pond. 

It was time for God to take a big leap forward. So God became a small tadpole with bones and muscles that enabled Him to move quickly underwater. 

Webbed hands and feet start to emerge from our body and we begin to use them to swim. We swim to the edge of the pond, emerge, and look around. We hop a short distance on land, then hop back into the water, and finally hop up onto a lily pad. Nearby other frogs sit on other lily pads and we all practice catching insects with their tongues.

God started to grow new hands and feet and turned into a frog! His strong bones and muscles helped Him to hop fast and swim underwater. He now had a big mouth and sticky tongue to catch lots of the insects that He used to be. Best of all, He had a new voice.

The frogs' throats begin to swell and they start a "Ribbet, Ribbet" croaking conversation with each other. There is a watery swishing sound. A huge alligator jaw appears suddenly. We jump in the water. Chomp sound. Blackness. 

We are inside a large egg, which is starting to crack open. We stick our head out and see other eggs cracking to reveal baby alligators. We all crawl into our mother's mouth and she swims us out to the center of the pond where we crawl off and start swimming, nibbling on the floating algae,  tadpoles, and minnows. 

We see a frog on a lily pad. We submerge and swim toward it. The top of our head and eyes emerge. The frog sees us and jumps to escape, but He lands in the water and we grab him in our big jaws. 

These dreams provided many experiences of eating and being eaten. But God grew tired of creeping, crawling, slithering, and hopping His way awkwardly through the world. He longed to move more elegantly...


[The third turn—mouth 60% facing upward, fins as compact hands & feet, direction from deep water to water surface] We are tiny fish emerging from a cloud of roe below the surface of the pond. In graceful movement we swim up and down, in and out of waving green forms. 

God was a tiny fish in a fresh-water pond. Gills and lungs let Him to breathe air from the water. His legs and arms were bony fins that let Him swim up and down, in and out of the plants at the bottom of the pond.

The small school of minnows goes behind a plant and a school of larger fish emerges. The head fish turns right and all follow him. Then he turns left and so do the others. Brief display of the joy of coordinated movement (dance). Then we go off and break the surface to grab an insect flying just above the water.

God hatched again as a larger fish. Occasionally He would poke His mouth out of the water to gobble some of the insects that He used to be. 

The fish's open mouth morphs into that of a shark that snaps at another fish, tears it, and eats the pieces. Then it turns sideways and rapidly swims off showing its distinctive fin.

God became many kinds of watery swimmers. In time he found that being a fish was limiting. There weren’t too many things He could do with his fins beside swim. What was happening in that world above His head? 


[The fourth turn—somewhat erect on legs, wings as hands, direction from water surface to air] Next we found ourselves breaking out of a large egg in a nest hidden in reeds near a pond. Above us is the warm belly of our mother. Beside us are other ducklings. 

God was born this time in a harder kind of egg with a shell. It protected His little body and allowed it to grow before bigger and stronger before he was born.  

The mother duck finally gets to her feet and leads us over to the pond. As we walk, we see our little webbed feet. We reach the water and start swimming toward the middle. Some of the stragglers, including us, quack in distress until we reach her.

His fins had become wings and legs and His mouth had become a broad beak. After living silently as a fish, He could now make some pretty good squawks and quacks. 

A golden sunny lazy day on the pond. We swim here and there, bobbing down into the water  occasionally to grip underwater plants or take in a minnow. Then fade to next image

He spent his days swimming across the pond, nibbling on the plants and creatures that He used to be.

We see a robin's nest in the same oak tree with the previous beehive. Again, we see our fellow nestlings, pink and hairless, squawking with wide open mouths. The bigger mama bird lights on the edge of the nest, a fat worm hanging from her mouth, and feeds us. She flies off and returns again to feed someone else. 

In his next dream, God was a baby robin in a nest high up in a tree. He and his nest mates were always hungry. 

Same nest later. We nestlings are now bigger and barely fit in the nest. Mama bird nudges us and we fall down into air (zoom down) toward the ground. The sound of wings beating in panic. Then our fall to the ground slows and we land on our legs. A few hops, and then we try some brief flights

When God grew too big for his nest, he discovered something new. He could fly! Flying felt fun, so He hopped a few more times until He got the knack of it. 

Raindrops. Family of robins gathered around dead leaves of earlier worm scene. Mother grabs and pulls a worm from the ground. All grab at it.

His parents showed him how to find food. He loved the rainy days when fat, juicy worms emerged from the ground. 

The best part of being a bird was being able to make music. At first God's voice was a high chirp, but soon it deepened until He could sing the special Robin songs. 

The sun rises, as seen from within the branches of an oak tree. We hear bird calls that morph into voices with bird-like pitch and rhythm: 

“Chirp, Chirp!" 
"Robins!” That’s who we are, robins! 
“We live here. We live here.” 
“This is our tree. This is our tree.” 

Then off in the distance the sound of a hoot owl. We now see an aerial view of the pond and woods as day dawns. Our long wings are seen on either side of us. We fly and see our sharp talons as we alight at the top of a tall tree near the robins. We adjust our position and close our eyes to blackness. 

The next time God hatched, He was a great owl with strong wings and sharp talons on His feet. He no longer spent time chatting with His neighbors. In fact, he slept during the day and hunted at night. He was always on the lookout for a good meal, like the other small birds He used to be.  

In blackness, the sound of angry robins. We open our eyes and see a mob of robins flying at us, pecking, and squawking. 

He had just settled in for His usual nap when all of a sudden, a mob of robins discovered His perch. They made so much noise, they told the other birds where He was. "How's an owl supposed to find a good meal around here?" He grumbled. Then he roused Himself and flew off to another tree. 

More views of flying and soaring with landscapes passing by.

God enjoyed these dreams of being a bird, the freedom and beauty of flight high above the ground. All in all, it wasn't a bad life. Of course, He couldn't do much with His feet other than hanging onto trees or catching a meal. He couldn't do much with His arms except to flap them and fly. Clearly, something was missing...  


Darkness and muffled squeaks. Then we emerge so we hear the squeaks close by. The faint sound of sucking. Then the image of a teat, a hairy belly, and other small mice next to us. We push each other sideways and someone else takes our teat. We push our neighbor and take his. 

God found Himself surrounded by warm skin and hair. Something smelled and tasted good. After a few days His eyes opened and He saw His mother. She was a brown mouse. 

We see the face of a brown mouse with long whiskers. She starts licking us with her tongue. Darkness. 

God had a new sort of body. It was covered with fur instead of feathers. He had four feet and a long. thin tail. 

We follow mother mouse as she leaves the den and scurries through the tall grasses in the moonlight, followed by her youngsters. We see seed on the ground and stop to eat it. Then we come upon fallen apples beneath an apple tree. Mouse faces nibble on the apples and stuff their cheeks before scampering back into their hole.  

He still had to gather food but now he had paws to hold it. God became all sorts of furry creatures.

Faint sound of purring and sucking. Image of a teat, a furry belly, and other small kittens next to us. Face of mother wild cat tongue licking us. 

View of Mother wild cat's legs and suddenly we are up off the ground and then put down gently with the other kittens. We kittens start playing, rolling over, pouncing, and batting each other with our paws. Finally we each lick each other clean. 

He had to hunt for food, but now He had paws and claws to catch it. 

Moonlit night. We are sneaking stealthily around a tree and see mice nibbling on apples on the ground. Our view shifts with a pounce over to one mouse whom we grab by the neck. Squeak sounds. We shake the mouse violently from side to side. Then feeding sounds, followed by a burp. 

He still mated to reproduce, but mating became more intense, and mothering more prolonged.

Sound of a cat in heat. A male cat approaches us. We spit and growl. He approaches again. Sound of a cat fight and our head held close to the ground. Then he leaps off and saunters off.

View of female cat with extended belly peering in dark enclosed spaces and finally settling on one. Darkness. Sounds of grunting and tiny mewing cries, then sucking. 

Each of His bodies had different features. Sometimes he had hooves on his feet instead of paws. 

View of a young fawn just born in the forest. We are that fawn, awkwardly struggling to stand on our feet and get to our mother to nurse. 

Sometimes antlers as weapons...

Morning in the forest, a slow graceful walk down paths stopping to nibble leaves. We see antlers on either side of our view. A young doe stands in the distance. We approach but are assaulted by another stag who wants her. We go at each other, antler to antler, hoof to hoof, until the other stag withdraws. We approach the doe from behind and jump on her back. Some discrete noises. Then we jump off and continue down the path.

And sometimes legs that were build to run fast...

View of a meadow and a herd of wild ponies. We shake our head from side to side and see our silky mane. We nibble some more on the grass, then hear the sudden alarm call of a bird. The herd is startled and we start to gallop off. We can see the rumps of those in front of us, tails flying, hooves pounding on the ground. Then we turn, stop, and nibble once more on the grass.

More and more, he became part of family groups that worked together.

Deep in the forest we see a pack of wild dogs chasing a rabbit. One of the dogs grabs it in his mouth, but another, the alpha dog, snarls at him. The two dogs growl at each other until the dog that caught the rabbit drops it. The alpha dog eats a bit and then lets the other dogs finish it. 

But there were rules. Some were leaders and others were followers. 

The scene shifts to a far away jungle place. We are sitting on the branch of a tree, other small monkeys chattering and squabbling around us over bananas. We reach a furry hand out to grab one of them, separate the skin and stick it in our mouth. Lip smacking noises. 

By the time he became a monkey, His paws had become fingers. 

We move deeper into the jungle. Looking down we see one long furry hand touching the ground. We come upon a small group of gorillas. Some grunts. We stop at one of them and start grooming its fur. Its arms also reach over to us and do the same. A baby ape approaches and sits in our lap. Our hands also pick the bugs out of its fur. Some chatter back and forth in ape talk. 



[The fifth turn complete, walking erect, use of hands & legs]  Darkness. We hear the sound of a human baby crying for the first time. Soothing mother sounds like "There, there. It's all right. You're beautiful." Warm pink skin around us. 

In his final dream, God traveled into the body of a woman to be born. He was tiny again, wrapped in the warm embrace of His mother. 

Scenes of a baby's fingers grabbing its toes. The baby crawling and starting to stand up. With gestures, it wants something and starts to cry when he doesn't get it. Mother consoles him. 

Something felt different. He could wiggle his five fingers and five toes. He could walk upright. He could reason and learn. But most important, He had thoughts and feelings. He had an identity. He was a "me."

View of undeveloped Meher Center from Cabin on Hill vista. From right, native American figures walk into view, continuing off to the left. Some indication of time passing.

Of course, He was still dreaming, but the dream now became a fully conscious drama, in which He and the other parts of Himself played important roles.

From left, George Washington and Lafayette walk in on horses and stop. Horses nibble, while they gaze out at the lake. They ride off to right. Time passes.

From right, two women and a man push branches aside until they, too, stand and gaze out over the lake. Time passes.

Shift to view of lagoon. Figures come down the hill [from Guest House] laying steps. Then somewhat speeded up, they build a wooden bridge to other side and then they leave.

From time to time, God Himself directly takes birth to visit His Creation.

We see Meher Baba in the scene from the 1956 film and newsreel, walking down the steps. He leisurely crosses the bridge to the middle where He leans a bit on the railing and gazes out. 

We see His view of the forest and lake. Then that picture fades to the background and we see His view of the rock and metal kingdom objects in color. Then they too fade and we now see His view of the plant kingdom objects in color. They fade, followed in turn by His views of the worm, fish, bird, and animal kingdom objects in the scene.

He is One with everything because each dream is a part of it Himself--gas, stone and metal, plant, worm, insect, reptile, fish, bird, animal, and human.

Finally Baba’s gaze moves to the shore where His human lovers are standing by edge of the lagoon. They smile lovingly at Him.

We close in to a close-up of His face beaming with love. He winks, as if to say, “Now you know my secret.”

* * *

Alternative: We draw back from the Center scene. It shrinks and rotates to become the movie screen we saw earlier. We draw back and see that everything is being projected from Baba's eyes or face.